Dulce De Leche
Recipe type: Desserts
Cuisine: Global
  • Sweetened Condensed milk - 1 can
  • Water
  1. Place the condensed milk can, after removing the label, (unless it is printed on the can) in a pressure cooker sideways.
  2. Fill the pressure cooker with water sufficient to cover the can.
  3. Close the lid and cook it on high heat till the pressure cooker releases steam.
  4. Simmer and place the weight on the pressure cooker.
  5. Steam the condensed milk for 30 minutes after simmering to get a deep caramel coloured Dulce de Leche.
  6. Wait till the can and its contents are completely cool (Ideally overnight) before you open the lid.
  7. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve. When kept tightly covered and refrigerated, the Dulce de Leche should last a month.
The pressure cooking time depends on the capacity of the cooker - smaller pressure cookers are more effective and hence require lower cooking time [I used a 3 litre pressure cooker]
To get a caramel coloured runny Dulce de Leche, you can reduce the cooking time from 30 minutes to 15-20 minutes.
Recipe by Spice Counter at http://spicecounter.com/desserts/dulce-de-leche/